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8 Ways to Use Online Banking and the Mobile App

Nov 24, 2020

There are many benefits to using online and mobile banking. While the convenience of having your accounts at your fingertips is usually the main reason for using online banking, there are other ways to utilize this free service. Below, we’ve outlined 8 ways to use online and mobile banking:  

1. Check Your Accounts Anywhere, Anytime 

The most common way to use online and mobile banking is to monitor your accounts. Online and mobile banking gives you the flexibility to check account balances, account history and more anywhere, anytime. Wondering how much money is in your account before you go to bed? Check the app on your phone and instantly know how much is in your account before you turn out the light. 

2. Pay Bills Easily and Quickly 

With our free online bill payment service, you can skip the check writing, stamps and envelopes and schedule or send payments when you choose. Online bill pay allows you to schedule single or recurring payments, and you can review pending or completed payments.  Whether you’re using the mobile app or desktop, it’s easy to pay your bills. 

Our online Bill Pay also features e-Bills. E-Bills are an electronic copy of your paper bill that you can view anytime from Bill Pay. An e-Bill may not be available from every payee that you have set up, but when it’s available, you can set up auto payments and manage your bills in one place. 

3. Move Your Money 

Using online and mobile banking makes transferring money convenient and saves you a trip to the branch. Whether you’re moving money from one credit union account to the other or transferring money from your 1st MidAmerica account to another financial institution, you’ve got the tools in online and mobile banking.  

4. Pay Your Friends 

Need to pay your friend back for ordering pizza last night? Popmoney allows you to send money directly to someone from your checking account. All you need is the recipient’s mobile number and email address. You can use the mobile app or online banking to complete the transfer, and you don’t have to worry about stopping by an ATM to get cash out.  

5. Manage Your Money All in One Place 

Our online banking offers a money management tool that connects your accounts, loans, credit cards, and investments from elsewhere. You can manage your whole financial picture in one place.  

With the money management feature, you can view your net worth, set up your monthly cash flow, set budgets, break down your spending into specific spending categories, set goals for paying down debt and create a savings plan. 

6. Spot Fraud Sooner 

 Since you have constant access to your account, if you have suspected fraud, you’ll spot it sooner. You can report the suspicious activity as soon as you see it in online banking instead of waiting to see the activity on your monthly statement. 

 7. Save Time and Money with e-Statements 

Having online and mobile banking also allows you to sign up for e-Statements. e-Statements are electronic statements sent through email. You’ll receive your statement more quickly, and you’ll save paper. Plus, your e-Statements are available online for years, so you won’t have to worry about filing and keeping lots of paper. 

8. Make Loan Payments 

It’s easy to make loan payments through online and mobile banking. Forget the coupon booklets or calling in to make a payment – payments can be conveniently made through online and mobile banking. You can also use the app to apply for an auto loan, home equity loan, Visa credit card and more. 

Make the most of your time and utilize all the features online and mobile banking offer. If you don’t have online banking yet, you can sign up here. To get the mobile app, visit the Apple Store or the Google Play Store