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Personal Loans

Personal Loans


Personal Line of Credit

Add flex to your budget. Be prepared for the unexpected or expected. You can just transfer funds from your line of credit to your account when expenses arise: car repairs, new tires, home repairs, expensive maintenance expenses, or unexpected surprises. Your budget will have flexibility when you need it most. View our current rates here.

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Signature Loan

Borrow a set amount, with a fixed payment, when you use our personal loans. We offer competitive rates on unsecured and secured personal loans for your borrowing needs.

Funds can be used for vacations, weddings, large purchases or other unexpected expenses that life throws your way.

Our signature loans can be established for as little as $500 and up to $15,000 and feature terms up to 60 months.

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Or speak to us face-to-face through  video banking!

About 1st MidAmerica

As a 1st MidAmerica member, you are a shareholder and owner of a cooperative financial institution, a credit union. This primary advantage to credit union membership is just the beginning. In addition, 1st MidAmerica offers a host of services to help you simplify the management of your finances.

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