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Travel Services

Shared Branch Locations

If you're going to be traveling, keep in mind that you can conduct your business just about anywhere. Whether you need extra cash from an ATM while on the road, or need to make a withdrawal while visiting family, our network of CO-OP ATMs and shared branches make it easy. As a credit union member, you are eligible to use the CO-OP Network, which offers over 28,000 ATMs across the country, as well as the shared branching network, which allows our members to conduct their credit union business at over 5,000 participating credit union locations across the country.

To see a complete list of surcharge-free* ATMs and shared branches, visit

* At surcharge free ATMs you will not be charged a fee by the institution that owns the ATM, but you may still be charged a foreign ATM fee by 1st MidAmerica Credit Union.

Prepaid Visa Travel Cards

Our Visa Travel Card offers you the best of both worlds: the safety of travelers checks and the convenience of a plastic card. It’s not tied to your checking or savings accounts, so if it’s lost or stolen, there’s no risk to you. Use the Visa Travel Card to shop, and pay for flights, hotel and meals. The Visa Travel Card is branded with the Visa Logo, and is accepted at over 20 million Visa locations worldwide. The card can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and at merchants that accept PIN-based POS transactions.
Visa Travel Cards can be picked up at any branch location. Once you purchase your cards, you can access transaction information, change PINs, check balances and fund the card through the website. The cards can be funded with your checking or savings but are NOT linked to your accounts. It’s just the ticket for a secure, convenient trip.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Traveling outside the country? We’ve partnered with CXI. It simplifies your shopping experience by offering over 125 foreign currencies delivered securely via UPS to your home or office. Order your foreign currency or learn more.

Debit and Credit Card Travel Tips

When debit card information is stolen, perpetrators often try to use the card numbers to make international purchases. As part of the security process, we have restricted the number of countries in which transactions may be made. Due to these restrictions, we request that you contact us prior to traveling outside the United States to determine whether you will be able to use your 1st MidAmerica debit or credit card.


About 1st MidAmerica

As a 1st MidAmerica member, you are a shareholder and owner of a cooperative financial institution, a credit union. This primary advantage to credit union membership is just the beginning. In addition, 1st MidAmerica offers a host of services to help you simplify the management of your finances.

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