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How to Use Mobile Check Deposit

Nov 9, 2022

You just received a check, but you’re not sure when you’ll be able to stop by the credit union to deposit it. Instead of waiting (and waiting) to put that money in your account, you could use mobile check deposit and deposit that check right now.

What is mobile check deposit? 

Mobile check deposit allows you to use your smartphone to deposit your checks through the mobile app. It’s a quick and easy process that enables you to deposit a check at home, at work or on the go. No more waiting until you have time to make it to the branch to put funds in your account.  

What do I need to make a mobile check deposit? 

You will need to be enrolled in online banking and have the mobile app on your mobile device. Besides the check you want to deposit, all you’ll need is your mobile device and the camera on it to take a picture of the check. Plus, there are no fees associated with mobile check deposit.  

How do I make a mobile check deposit? 

Making a mobile check deposit is easy! Just follow the instructions below: 

  1. Login to your 1st MidAmerica mobile app.
  2. Select “Check Deposit” on the bottom menu of your mobile app. 
  3. When you endorse your check, write “For Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature.
  4. Follow the prompts in the app to deposit the check into your selected account.
  5. Hold onto the check to allow sufficient time in case the original is needed for any reason. You can destroy the check after it has cleared and been credited to your account.
  6. Just like deposits in the branches, a hold may be placed on the check to ensure that funds are deposited.
Tips for taking photos of your check 

Here are a few tips for taking pictures of your check: 

  • Make sure that the endorsement lines up in the designated area. 
  • Place the check on a dark background for better visibility. 
  • Make sure all the corners of the check are visible. 
  • Stand over your check so the image is level. 

Using mobile check deposit can save you time and make banking easier.