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Three Ways to Save on Gift Buying

Jul 6, 2022

Gift buying - you either love it or dread it. Some love choosing gifts for their loved ones, but others struggle to figure out just the perfect item. No matter where you fall, who wouldn’t want to save on this traditional activity? Here are three ways to save while deciding on that perfect gift.  

Make or Bake 

One easy way to save a little extra cash is by choosing to make or bake an item instead of purchasing a store-bought gift. A homemade gift is not only often cost efficient, but can be deemed as more thoughtful as well. Grab items to bake a cake, cookie, or a favorite treat. Repurposing a piece of wood into a cute ‘Welcome Home’ sign is also another thoughtful gift. 

Stop Buying for Everyone 

Do you have a larger family or lots of co-workers? Instead of buying multiple gifts, opting to do a Secret Santa or White Elephant exchange can definitely cut down on the cost of gift buying. 

Having a large family can be such a blessing, but when it comes to purchasing gifts, it can be expensive. Draw names out of a hat or conduct a White Elephant Exchange. With these two activities, each person will be arriving with one gift and leaving with one gift. The fun that results will create memories that last a lifetime! 

Buying gifts for co-workers can sometimes be a challenge. Instead of making a purchase for each co-worker, plan an ornament exchange. Let’s spice it up a little, though! Instead of bringing any generic ornament, bring an ornament that symbolizes something from the past year. It can represent an inside joke or even a major project your team has been working on. The story behind each ornament will be remembered each year when you decorate your home for the holidays.  

A lottery ticket exchange is another fun idea. Playing The Left Right Game with the exchange can make the game more interesting, too!  

Choose an Experience 

Celebrations don’t have to be all about the gifts. Celebrating and spending time with the people you love can be so much more valuable than receiving a gift. How about a picnic, a day at the beach, lunch at your favorite restaurant or a game night?  

Gift buying doesn’t have to be stressful. If the right decisions are made, gift giving can not only be affordable, but fun!