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ROUTING # 281076730

Stimulus Payment Updates

A new stimulus bill has been passed and funds are on the way to those who are eligible.

For the most up to date information about the current round of stimulus payments, please visit

We encourage you to use your online and mobile banking access to check your accounts, as we expect a high call volume in regards to the deposits. Our representatives will have access to the same information that you can see in online and mobile banking, including pending deposits.

You can access your account from home 24/7, using online banking and mobile apps to check balances, make payments, transfer funds, or deposit checks.

We did experience slow response times in the online banking system when the last round of stimulus checks were deposited. Our vendor has prepared for increased online traffic in the coming weeks. We will also be monitoring our traffic and service levels.

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide service to all our members.






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